I’ve got enough crap so I don’t need a dog

April 24, 2018

Cartoon courtesy of Jess Rae of Doodley Squat.

I HAVE a love-hate relationship with dogs. In which I love them or hate them.
Well maybe that’s too harsh a term. There are just certain things that drive me crazy about them.
Barking, dog hair and dog poo.
So when I was asked to look after the girls’ puppy from their other home last week, I was a little apprehensive.
The girls, whose last name is Wise, have appropriately named her Penny. So she’s Penny Wise. 
But thankfully not as terrifying as the original.
Plus she is a Jack Russell terrier, so she is small and cute.
But as she is still a puppy, she is crazy as ever. And she does not like being outside as I have discovered.
I grew up with Border Collies and they were always outside dogs. Which was fine with me as I can’t stand dog hair and the smell of wet dog (which they often were).
But the girls were adamant Penny needed inside time as she was in strange surroundings.
But a couple of days, pees on the carpet and piles of dog poo in my bedroom later and I decided it was time for Penny to have some much needed outside time.
Which meant I had to hear her whining and barking outside my window until she got some attention.
I just hope that’s not what she is doing when I am at work. I haven’t had any angry neighbours knocking on my door yet so I guess that’s a good sign.
It’s happened before. We used to have a dog called Gia. And being half Chihuahua, she was a yapper. Another pet hate of mine.
When I was at work, she used to run up and down the fence line yapping her little head off, annoying the hell out of my neighbours.
When they told me, I considered getting a barking collar. However, I’m pretty sure it would have killed her.
Fortunately for Gia, she is in a better place now.
No, not doggy heaven. My mother outlaw’s farm.
She went there while I was on holidays about a year ago and ended up staying.
Now she has all the room in the world to run around in, another dog for company and eats rabbits for dinner. In a way, it is doggy heaven. 
She couldn’t be happier. And neither could I.
But having a little puppy in the house again has been nice I must say.
It’s a pleasant change to come home to someone overly happy to see you.
But the best thing is that she has become a natural alarm clock for Ayla.
Rather than having to haul a grumpy girl out of bed and listen to her grumbling every morning, I just put Penny in with her.
It’s the only time I’ve seen Ayla wake up with a smile and happily jump out of bed to play with her.
Perhaps it is time to reconsider my no dog policy

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