Words fade but music lingers

March 26, 2018

Cartoon courtesy of Jess Rae of Doodley Squat.

MY HOUSE is alive with the sound of music.
If it’s not me belting out songs from Phantom of the Opera, it’s the toe-tapping tunes from The Greatest Showman.
I went to the cinema to watch the musical about seven weeks ago and I loved it so much I took the girls to another screening.
However, I kept thinking we were at the theatre and stood up to applaud after every song.
Much to the horror of the girls.
Embarrassing mum moment number 52.
But ever since then, we can’t get enough of the music.
It’s on day and night — as soon as we get up and just before we go to bed.
I’m sure my new neighbours are regretting buying the house next door.
The girls and I are hanging out for the DVD to come out next month, which no doubt will be on repeat for the first few weeks.
Until then I will be madly practising my lines for Phantom.
Because this week is the critical point of Phantom: books down. And I’m starting to panic. Because my memory isn’t as good as it used to be. Well, that I can remember anyway.
I actually forgot one of my colleague’s names the other day. My brain just went blank. The look on his face was of sheer disbelief. Awkward journo moment number 87.
And during rehearsals, there have been several times where the directors have had to loudly remind me “Ivy, you’re up!” while I sit in an oblivious daze.
I’m sure they’re having second thoughts about casting me.
I may have to start writing cues on my hands.
Or stash a few little notes down my big cane.
Although, I’ll probably forget that they’re even there.

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