Macca’s chips, Aladdin and classic Mama Mayhem

January 22, 2018

Cartoon courtesy of Jess Rae of Doodley Squat.

I LEARNT a valuable lesson the other week.
Things don’t ever go according to plan.
So make sure you get insurance.
Oh, and Macca’s chips work wonders.
Luckily — in our case — it all worked out in the end.
I bought my girls tickets to Aladdin as their Christmas presents, so the three of us have been bursting with excitement leading up to the January 10 show.
However, the day before, Maya got sick. And not just sick. Gastro sick.
Of all times to get sick, my little cherub starts vomiting the day before the musical that cost me half a week’s wages.
And no, I didn’t get insurance.
So we were either going to Her Majesty’s Theatre with a well and recovered child or we were going with a spew bag.
To make matters worse, I started getting sick too (looking at spew all day will do that to a person).
Well I’ll be damned if we were going to miss the ‘‘experience of a lifetime’’ so I started Googling every home gastro remedy I could find.
You name it, we tried it — Kombucha, ginger tea, flat lemonade, Hydrolyte, colloidal silver, mint leaves.
Well I tried them all and Maya spat out most of it.
Despite Ayla and my best efforts.
‘‘If you don’t drink this, we can’t go to Aladdin!’’ Ayla threatened.
She was panicking as much as I was. 
But I could see she cared, holding Maya’s hair back while she spewed and helping her along with some encouraging remarks.
The next day, I was better but my poor little munchkin still couldn’t keep anything down.
I figured, since we had a fully paid for room at Rydges (thanks to the girls’ wonderfully generous stepmum), we would make our way down to Melbourne (with a bucket in the backseat) and assess the situation when we got there.
Thankfully, we only had one ‘‘Stop the car, we got a problem here!’’ incident along the way.
After that, Maya said she was hungry (understandably considering she hadn’t eaten anything for 24 hours).
And all she felt like were Macca’s chips.
According to Dr Google, simple carbohydrates like potatoes can help people recover from gastro, so I figured fries might just do the trick (or the plethora of preservatives in them would at least kill the bacteria in her tummy).
Plus, my mother always told me ‘if you ever get sick overseas, eat Maccas’.
Whatever it was, it worked.
Within 20 minutes, the colour had returned to her face and she was as good as new.
So all’s well that ends well.
We made it to the show — which was fabulous by the way — without any runs to the toilet mid-performance.
I did, however, have a trusty spewbag with me — just in case

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