Techno drama Mama style

January 15, 2018

Cartoon courtesy of Jess Rae of Doodley Squat.

TECHNOLOGY will be the death of me.
I will literally die from sheer frustration because everything technical I touch does not seem to work.
Just the other day, I went into Big W for a very simple job — to print two photos. I walked out of there half an hour later — with no photos, a red face and blood pressure through the roof.
My brother-in-law recently downloaded a heap of ripper movies for me on a hard drive because apparently mine is too ancient (as big as a brick and weighs about the same).
You see, I still have free-to-air television and refuse to spend my hard-earned money on pay TV.
I used to hire movies from the Little Guy video store until its demise (thanks a lot illegal downloaders!).
So since then, my pick of television entertainment has been limited.
Well, you can imagine how excited I was to have my choice of films and television shows on demand.
I put aside a whole day for movie watching — my pillow, blanket, drinks and snacks at the ready.
I was all worked up for it. Only to be let down. Yet again. The hard drive didn’t work on my TV.
I tried frickin’ everything. Plugging it into the USB connection on the TV, the DVD player and the computer, but nothing worked. I then Facetimed my brother-in-law (who is an IT technician by the way).
Which is harder than it sounds — me trying to angle the phone correctly so he can see what’s on the screen and him throwing IT language at me that I mistook for Swahili (which I also don’t understand). It was like the blind leading the blind.
Well, after half an hour of trying everything imaginable, he gave up too.
Yes, my lazy day was ruined and I was ready to lift up my television and smash it into little pieces.
The only thing stopping me was knowing Modern Family was on that night.
God I miss the ’80s with its easy-to-use videos and cassette tapes, which never got scratched like CDs and DVDs after two plays. But I guess they too will one day become obsolete, along with the hard drive, and all we’ll need is to tell ‘Hey Google’ what we want and it can do all the hard work for us.
Or does that already exist?

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