It’s a day to remember

November 20, 2017

Cartoon courtesy of Jess Rae of Doodley Squat

WEDNESDAY, November 15, will be a day to remember.
A day I will be able to tell my children I was there for it, and did my bit to help achieve it.
It was a momentous day where love won over hate, equality conquered inequality and inclusion overcame exclusion.
The fact almost 62 per cent of our population said yes to the same-sex marriage vote shows Australia is a progressive country and one I am proud to live in.
I was at yoga class when the announcement was made, which seemed quite apt considering the practice aims at overcoming the limitations of the body.
And we, thanks to the power of the people, overcame the very limitations of our own Marriage Act.
For those who think same-sex marriage is going to have far-reaching consequences, just remember this.
So did those who were against racial integration after decades of segregation in schools and public facilities.
I mean, what would happen if blacks and whites used the same toilet? Or God forbid they married or had babies together?
And so did those who were against women being given the right to vote.
The country may just collapse if the ‘less intelligent’ of the sexes were allowed to make a political decision.
And it wasn’t so long ago that people with disabilities were treated as lepers and were excluded from attending regular schools.
You see, times change. Progress marches on. We evolve.
Just because something has never been done before does not mean it shouldn’t.
Being allowed to marry is a basic right for heterosexual couples.
You can even marry your second cousin for crying out loud.
So it is about time homosexual couples were given the same right.
And now that Australia has spoken, it is time our government acts and makes it a reality.
It is the fair and just thing to do.
I love this little fact, put on social media by a friend of mine.
‘‘If Yes and No were political parties, this would have been a landslide victory for Yes. If the way electorates voted matched how they voted for MPs, Yes would have 116 MPs and No would have only 17. Every senator would be a Yes senator.’’
And the fact Tony Abbott’s electorate returned a 75 per cent Yes vote also gave me a little chuckle.

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