There are times you have to just grin and bear it

August 07, 2017

SO APPARENTLY Vegemite is the key to happiness.
Well sort of.
Research has found that people who eat Vegemite or yeast-based spreads have lower levels of anxiety and stress.
So basically Australia should be the most chilled out country in the world.
I did not succumb to this salty delight until about seven years ago — when I was pregnant with my second daughter.
Before then, I could not stand it.
Born in Denmark, I did not grow up with the Aussie delicacy like most little happy Vegemites in the land Down Under.
And when my mother decided we all try it out to become a little more ‘Aussie’, we all spat it out in disgust.
Do people really eat this, we thought.
Our bread toppings of choice were jam and cheese (yes, together), banana and cucumber (no, not together).
And occasionally, when Mum let us, Hagelslag (Dutch chocolate sprinkles).
It wasn’t until pregnancy that I acquired the taste for Vegemite.
I have now figured out the best accompaniment to it is avocado.
I remember one Mother’s Day years ago, Ayla — desperate to impress me — made me breakfast in bed.
She knew I loved Vegemite and Hagelslag, but rather than making me two pieces of toast with my favourite toppings, she decided to put them together.
And she layered the Vegemite on so strong, it just looked like black toast.
Well, I couldn’t break her little heart and tell her you just don’t mix Vegemite with chocolate.
So as her eyes glistened in anticipation, mine glistened with real tears as I bit into what I can only describe as a taste abomination.
Now I love sweet and sour dishes, but I’m pretty sure this will never make it as a flavour combination.

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