Connection lost on new level

July 10, 2017

Cartoon courtesy of Jess Rae of Doodley Squat.

I LOST my first game of Connect 4 the other day.
Ever. And to a child.
I have never been defeated in my 39 years. Not by my parents, sisters, friends or work colleagues.
And now I have been beaten by my seven-year-old daughter, Maya.
When it happened, I sat in a state of shock while my mind tried to process how such a thing could occur.
I don’t think Maya quite believed it either — jumping up and down shrieking  ‘‘I beat Mummy, I beat Mummy!’’ so the entire world could hear.
‘‘Well played’’ I congratulated her as my mind screamed ‘what the hell just happened?’
You see, Connect 4 has always been my winning game.
I must admit my retention skills are slowly failing, so it’s pretty easy for the girls to annihilate me in Memory. But I’ve always been on the ball with Connect 4.
I think two moves ahead and play offensively and defensively.
Yet Maya seemed to be three moves ahead of me every time and could have won two ways.
Now, I don’t know if it’s because Maya is getting smarter or I’m getting dumber, but I’m going with the fact I have a genius kid.
I’m actually a bit worried about playing Monopoly with her now.
Another game I dominate at.
And Pictionary, despite having the drawing skills of a toddler.
Unfortunately, there are not many willing to play these board games with me any more because of my, well just let’s say, passion for the game.
I can get slightly loud and argumentative if things are not going my way.
Wine can be spilt, cards can be tossed, words can be yelled, dices can be thrown and tears can be shed.
Yes, it’s all fun and games until you get a dice in the eye.
Fortunately, Maya hasn’t inherited my occasional bad sportsmanship.
She always been a happy loser.
Until now.
Beating me the other day triggered something in her and she liked it. A lot.
I think I had better watch out.

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