Going back in time but how should mama dress?

June 26, 2017

THIS weekend I am heading back to the ’80s.
Yep, I am jumping in the DeLorean time machine and setting the time circuits back 30 years.
To a simpler time, when I was nine and Catchit t-shirts and terrycloth shorts were in and perms were classy.
When I could wear my ponytail on the side and change my look with the swap of a scrunchie.
You see, I’m going to a fancy dress party — one of my most favourite things in the world.
I love them so much, my best friends and I would throw one nearly every month when we were at university.
Boogie Nights party (yes I was Roller Girl), past life party (sexy maid), Halloween party (killer Barbie), as well as Host-a-Murder parties, back-to-uni and letter parties — you name it, we did it.
Once I had a party where everyone was allocated a specific country and they had to dress up in the national costume and bring food and alcohol from that country.
Every hour, we would sound the alarm and call out a country and everyone would down a shot of that country’s beverage while snacking out on their goodies.
By the time we reached Mexico, people were licking the lemon and salt off each other with their tequila shots. Good times.
Anyhoo, I am still undecided about what to wear for the ’80s party.
Because frankly there are just too many options.
Punk, glam rock, disco, the power dresser, fitness fanatics.
The 1980s get-up had it all.
Double denim, animal print, ra-ra skirts, puffy dresses, powersuits, velour tracksuits, slogan shirts, shoulder pads, spandex and parachute pants (FYI my mother actually made my sister and I a matching pair of these!).
Then do I crimp my hair or blowwave it, wear a headband or scrunchie, apply the blue or yellow eye shadow?
And what about accessories? Neon bangles, hoop earrings, fingerless gloves, leg warmers, bum bag.
Well, I might leave the bum bag at home.
Although it could be a good place to store my mixed tapes.
Hopefully I won’t have to use them though.
You see, I’ve been practising my Thriller moves so when the song comes on (and it better), I’ll be the best dancing zombie on stage.

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