Do my children have no shame?

May 15, 2017

Cartoon courtesy of Jess Rae of Doodley Squat.

I HOPE all the mothers out there had a special day yesterday.

Whether that was getting jumped on at six in the morning, served breakfast in bed, receiving handmade presents or just a thank you for all you do.

Because let’s face it, how often do our little ones come up and say how much they appreciate us for all we do?

I still live in hope that it will come as they get older — but if they are anything like me, I mean like some people I know, it won’t get here until they have their own children and get the full motherhood picture.

But impatience aside, I love Mothers’ Day because the handmade gifts my children produce are just the best.

That’s one thing being a mother has taught me, when I recall how my own mother used to say that was all she wanted.

‘‘Just a nice handmade card or poem,’’ she would say.

I used to think she was crazy.

But I’ve found it’s the things the girls make especially for me that mean the most.

Unless of course it makes you out as a fat pig, whose core attribute is consumption on a grand scale.

Such as 2016 when all the kids in Maya’s class had to draw their mums and write something special about them.

So sure enough all the mums were getting ‘‘my mum helps me read’’, ‘‘my mum makes

cupcakes with me’’, ‘‘my mum is healthy and loves to run’’.

Marvellous sentiments, each and every one of them.

So guess what I got?

‘‘My mum likes to eat McDonald’s chips’’.

Seriously Maya?

Firstly, and just to put the record straight because clearly there are no secrets here, I much prefer KFC chips and secondly, when I do prefer them it is, at worst, maybe once every two months.

And thirdly, out of everything I do for you, and that we do together my little cherub, this is

what you had to put down?

Her big sister Ayla was much more on the mark when she inscribed her masterpiece with: ‘‘My mum likes to talk to her friends when they are going out for lunch and dinner’’.

I am just thankful she didn’t drop in a throw away line at the same time, such as ‘‘and drink wine’’.

Because just a few years ago the handmade card she had so lovingly crafted at school may have featured a little too many magazine cut-outs of champagne bottles and wine glasses.

So today (with some little trepidation) I am off to the annual Mothers’ Day morning tea at school.

And will be looking forward to finding out what mother I am this year.

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