Time suddenly, and seriously, slows down when you're fasting

February 20, 2017

Ivy and her sisters, Signe and Tara, are 'celebration drinkers'. Something Ivy will be doing none of this month.

HOW do I go about proving to everyone I’m just someone who enjoys the feeling wine gives me after a long day at the office and not someone who just drinks?

Join FebFast of course.

I always wanted to use a month to abstain from alcohol, whether that be Dry July, Ocsober or No Goon June (actually I made that one up). 

But, as it turned out, there was always something pressing on the social calendar that month.

Not that I have to drink when I go out … but it helps.

Networking with complete strangers, going to a bar or club where everyone is 20 years younger than you and a work Christmas party are always a bit more enjoyable with the company of messieurs Moet and Chandon rather than being stone-cold sober.

I mean, when you reminisce about the wild and crazy nights with your besties, did they involve drinking orange juice?

We certainly weren’t sipping orange juice when we danced on the tabletops of Brisbane’s Down Under Hostel, which in turn led us to meet some very intellectually stimulating Spaniards and hopelessly romantic Italians.

And I’m pretty sure I wasn’t sipping mocktails when I beat a nightclub full of people in pool and I was forever known as The Shark.

A couple of G&Ts just gave me the edge.

And I don’t think I could have gotten through O Week at uni without a little bit of liquid courage.

I mean, after making us get up at 5am every day for a week, blasting us with a fire hose, forcing us to run around the university in ridiculous costumes and complete obstacle courses while eating dry Weet Bix and downing pints of curdled milk and raw egg, I think we deserved a drink.

And, more recently, who am I to say no thanks to a vintage Chianti while at Castello di Volpaia? When in Rome, as they say. Well, Tuscany actually.

For me, drinking has never been about getting smashed (although I may have accidentally succumbed to that state in my early years) and now that I am a responsible mother I do not condone binge drinking.

I mean, I can’t even get through a bottle of wine any more without getting woozy.

I guess the reason I enjoy (because I actually like the taste) a glass or two of wine is because it helps relax me.

Life can get stressful with work and kids, as most parents know, and sometimes a nice Shiraz can release a healthy slice of that tension.

However, in an effort to prove that I really don’t need it every weekend (in fact four consecutive weekends), I have joined FebFast.

I am out of my comfort zone and I’m pleased to say I have gone without the vino for more than two weeks and am showing no signs of withdrawal.

However, my colleagues might say I’m a little crankier than usual.

But it will all be worth it because while I’m getting healthier (which hopefully means fewer kilos), the money I raise will help disadvantaged young people across Australia who may be overcoming mental health issues and the impact of abuse and neglect, to find safe housing and tackling drug and alcohol problems.

That is the most important thing.

And as my tally is quite lacking, meaning that prize-winning trip to Bali is looking less likely, I am hoping some people will support me.

So if you would like to kick the can for moi, or you just want me to continue experiencing those uncomfortable silences and awkward social outings where I don’t know what to do with my hands because there is no glass in them, please donate here.

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