School, school. Has it started yet, has it? Really, has it?

February 13, 2017

Ayla and Maya Wise on their first day back at school in 2017.

BACK to school.

The parents’ long-awaited reprieve after almost two months of summer holidays – which

seemed to go on and on.


It always starts off well. The first couple of weeks go so fast with the anticipation of Christmas.

Going away never feels like long enough because ‘time flies when you’re having fun’.

But those last few weeks before school starts are horrendous.

The girls have had enough of each other by this stage, and I of them.

Ayla starts teasing Maya, just for something to do.

Maya’s emotional state starts deteriorating and she resorts to anything heavy or hard to fend off her big sister.

‘‘I’m bored’’ gets used every 10 minutes until I lock them out of the house and tell them to ‘go


Until their game consists of who can hit the other person with the most rocks.

Or tying Maya to a chair and taping her mouth so she can’t complain. Joke. Sort of.

The teacher game worked for a while.

In true control-freak form (who said something about apples and trees?), Ayla had to be the

teacher and Maya the student.

But that ended once Maya realised she was doing all of the work and didn’t really feel like

taking orders from her sister.

So then it’s, ‘What can we do Mum?’, ‘where can we go Mum?’.

Go and dig a bloody hole in the backyard!

Children are being too stimulated these days. Being taken here and there just to be kept


Sometimes they just need to stay put. At home.


Boredom sparks imagination and creativity. If they’re bored for long enough, they’ll find plenty to do.

And while I had heaps of chores that needed doing they were never quite bored enough to do those.

So what better thing to do when you’re bored than to play board games.

I am a huge fan of board games and my girls are following in my footsteps.

Unfortunately, my competitiveness also seems to have rubbed off on Ayla.

Mind you, while I’ve never been a sore loser (at least not in front of Ayla), the same cannot be said for her.

Monopoly ended up scattered across the room and snakes and ladders above her head after

landing on the same snake for the fifth time.

I was too scared to suggest pick-up sticks for fear one would go through my eye.

So when school resumed I had to stop myself from kicking them out of the car and driving off

while laughing hysterically.

So, I gave them their kisses and cuddles and bade them farewell.

Then I jumped in my car, did a little happy jig and drove off — laughing hysterically.

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