I meant to tell you this story sooner, but forgot

December 07, 2016

Ivy Wise (back) content with Frinkle in hand.

I HAVE been a little forgetful lately.

Well, maybe a lot.

In the past week I left my iPhone at the courthouse (probably not the best place to leave it), my ID card at Moama Bowling Club’s front desk (because I was so excited to try its new soft serve ice-cream store Frinkle) and my notepad when heading out for an interview (ummm, no excuse).

The week before, I went to the hospital to take baby photos and when I came back to work, I realised I had taken down all the information except the parents’ names.

The midwife was not so friendly the second time I called back.

And then there’s my car.

I spend about 30 seconds every day after work trying to figure out where I parked my car.

Before that, I would walk the 300m to the port carpark only to realise I had, in fact, parked around the corner from work.

I guess I do need the exercise.

And then there’s my infamous car parking story.

A couple of years ago, during one of the more highly stressful times of my life, as opposed to the usual weekly events, I may have parked my car at the Aldi car park ... with the keys in the ignition ... still running.

Oblivious (I may have had my headphones on listening to my ’80s music a little too loudly), I got out of the car and headed off to work.

Several hours later, at lunchtime, I had a visit from two police officers who asked me ‘‘are these your car keys?’’

It took me about a minute to process what had happened.

Luckily, some good Samaritan saw my car running with no-one inside and handed the keys into the police.

Fortunately, the police officers were women (and possibly mums too) because they sympathised with me as they saw the car seats in the back of my car along with the regalia of books, stickers, toys, pencils and food packets strewn about the place.

I didn’t have the heart to tell them I didn’t have the girls that week.

When Maya was little, I used to drop Ayla off at the school bus stop and then head straight to work.

A very quiet Maya would be sitting in the back in her car seat with a smile on her face, asking ‘‘no day care today?’’

When it comes to appointments, meetings, sports, dance classes, activities and the like, I would be lost without my phone.

All my events go into my calendar with two reminders set because I usually ignore the first one.

I would probably be aimlessly wandering the streets wondering where the hell I needed to be if I didn’t have my reminders.

Or maybe I should just listen to the advice of my youngest.

‘‘Maybe you shouldn’t have so many things in your brain to remember mummy’’.

Good one Maya.

Now, what was I doing?

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