Christmas is all sewn up

November 21, 2016

I RECEIVED the dreaded ‘are you good at sewing and would like to help make costumes for the Christmas carols event?’ message from school the other week.

Now, if you know me, I love anything and everything about Christmas, carols and costumes.

I just suck at making things.

Let’s just say I am not very good when it comes to domestic activities in general.

I would probably be described as domestically challenged.

I tried sewing a few times in my youth.

Grade 8 home economics. The first and last time I tried making clothes.

We were required to make a pair of shorts.

So complete with a simple pattern and some material which looked like a rainbow had thrown up on it, I excitedly set about making my shorts.

Not one for exact measurements, my shorts didn’t quite turn out as I, or my teacher, had hoped.

And there was no way I was wearing them in public.

The only thing they would be good for was jumping out of a plane and you wouldn’t need the parachute!

I then realised sewing wasn’t my thing and ran away at the sight of a sewing machine.

However, I am starting to regret that now I have children.

There are costumes for everything now — Book Week, Halloween, Easter and, of course, Christmas.

I just spent $50 on Halloween outfits for the girls so they could go trick or treating.

I know. I feel sick even writing that.

But if I knew how to sew, I could have whipped up a pirate costume (for Ayla) or a zombie Barbie outfit (for Maya).

The same goes for Book Week each year.

The week I dread, as do many parents I’m sure, because teachers say ‘‘don’t go to too much trouble, spend too much money or buy costumes’’.

Just make it, they said.

It’ll be fun, they said.

Spending a Saturday and Sunday cutting, sewing, pasting, gluing and glittering is not my idea of a fun weekend.

Especially when the stupid cardboard spots keep falling off, Ayla can’t see out of her eye hole because the mask is too lopsided and there is more of Maya’s glitter on my carpet than on her Elsa costume.

And if she asks to be Elsa one more time, I really am going to ‘let it go’.

Then I spend another half-day cleaning up the craft supplies, which seem to magically reappear once I put the vacuum away for the third time.

Finally, the moment arrived when I put the costumes on the girls.

And I felt proud.

My confidence starts to grow as I walk them into school ... until I see what ‘stay-at-home mum’ has managed to ‘‘whip together last night’’ on her trusty Singer.

Damn you ‘stay-at-home, great-at-sewing mum’.

Confidence shattered.

I don’t know why I lack these creative skills.

It’s not like I lack creativity. I love writing, fancy dress parties and performing on stage.

Maybe learning a new skill, like sewing, is just what I need.

As they say, it’s never too late to learn.

I only started tap dancing last year and managed to get a tap dancing role in a local musical.

With 2017 edging closer and closer, I may have an idea for my New Year’s resolution.

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